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Op Art, Pop Art, Drip painting, my heart goes away. No satisfaction.
Along comes artist Ertzinger mixing color, spirit, creative action.
Artistry at its best has arrived.

Rene, (this is Karen, David’s wifey). Thank you so much for sharing your elegant art. Your art spArks the iMAGInation purrrfectly & ignites Our Heart. InJOYing the contemplative journeys through the deLightFull ethereal ONEderment of the Mystical & Celestial realms along with gazing at the PowerFull Angelics & admiring the BEaUti.I.Full God.desses.

Wow. Spectacular, thought provoking pieces which demonstrate the magic of human and AI creativity.
It is like peaking into the deep future or the mind of another world.
The variation of style and theme is incredible.
The spirituality of these speaks volumes.

The work of a truly visionary artist! Spend some time here exploring the wide range of images Rene has created. These are the most spiritually oriented AI images I’ve seen online.

What moving and emotional images. They make me wonder and imagine and think!

Beautiful pictures of light and transcendance, of worlds real and imagined. Playfully revealed, the language and the world of light and spirit.
Well done Rene for your uplifting, joyous and mystical body of work.

Lovely cosmic scenes!

Breathtakingly beautiful art that transforms upon viewing. Lifts you into a realm beyond, a familiar one at that. Timeless, powerful, stunning. Urantia inspired. Wow! Eternally impressed and grateful.

Such amazing artisan work! You simply show the beauty of life beyond imagination. Keep it up!

I enjoy your vibrant artwork. The colors are amazing and the compositions are inspiring.

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